The MHL Hotel Collection is a collection of very different hotels around Ireland, each with its own identity and ambiance. Although each hotel is free to exhibit its own unique character, they are united by one commonality - the high standards of the MHL Hotel Collection. Regardless of the property, location or number of stars beside the name, the staff in each of our hotels take pride in delivering the ethos of MHL. We aspire to provide a genuinely warm welcome, exceptional attention to detail and impeccable standards of service and quality. No matter which of the MHL hotels you are in, you can expect to find these core values running through everything we do. Through extensive training and monitoring of our standards, we aim to provide the remarkable experiences that make for unforgettable memories.

As an employer, the MHL Hotel Collection is committed the values of diversity and personal development. Our people are a key resource and our core recruitment objective is to find talented people from all sorts of backgrounds  who are driven to provide standards of excellence in everything they do. It’s with this combination of a diverse international influence and dedicated staff that we can fully understand and cater for the needs of our guests. To achieve these goals, the MHL Hotel Collection provides an extensive schedule of internal training sessions throughout the year. Along with this, we are proud to send selected members of staff on external courses to aid their career development and maintain the high standards of the MHL Hotel Collection.