The key to a great workplace experience is to unlock the potential in our valued team members. MHL Hotel Collection ensures that ongoing development is available to all, providing informative and engaging courses delivered by our L&D team and by collaborating with trusted partners.

Some of the many topics available are:

Training Courses

MHL Induction – a full day introduction to our hotel portfolio, company values, many team member benefits and essential safety modules
Language of Customer Service – everything we do communicates and it is the engaging interactions with our guests that drives our success.
Complaint Handling – the ability to turn a disappointment into an opportunity to connect and demonstrate genuine care.
Respect in the Workplace – the cornerstone to all interactions is respect, and a workplace that values this, is a successful one. By better understanding unconscious bias, we can all contribute more positively.
Emotional Intelligence – a key leadership skill to successfully coach others, deliver feedback, work with others, all starting with strong self-awareness.
Train the Trainer – how to impart the skills, knowledge and positive attitude to your team in an engaging and inclusive fashion, not forgetting the fun of course!
Performance Appraisals – by delivering the most constructive feedback, guidance can be given to improve performance, plan career progression all aligned with the hotel and company goals.
Working with Teams – identify the type and dynamics of the various team roles and utilise this knowledge to enhance team performance.
Delegation – no matter how hard you try, you can’t do it all! Delegation is the key to success and the development of others.
Coaching – to strengthen managers’ coaching skills in order to create a team of highly motivated team members, resulting in achievement of targeted goals.

Career Development

Supervisory Development Programme
This 10 week programme focuses on the skills required when first leading others and also providing insight to the varied and technical departments within a hotel.
On this programme you will learn how to lead, coach, provide valuable feedback and understand how others contribute positively to a team.
You will also develop your own departmental knowledge of Sales, Finance, Accommodation, Culinary and Human Resources

Essential Skills for Managers
We all thrive under the leadership and tutelage of a great manager. To equip our leaders with the required skills to provide such an inspirational example, all our managers complete this programme.
The twelve month programme is focused on 3 main areas;

  • People Management
  • Self-Development
  • Team Management

Comprising of 22 modules with topics such as Communication, Change Management, Diversity & Inclusion and Behavioural Interviewing.